Monade Capsule
Analysis of the growth of our cities shows that cities are getting bigger and wider, making the urban landscape not only richer but also getting more interesting perspectives. We need to take this opportunity to explore the new landscape and to emphasize interes- ting places in the city. As citydwellers, our daily environment consists mainly of concrete and glass buildings. If we can not escape from this landscape, we need to look at things in our environment that give us air and inspiration. The Monade Capsule derives from this thought. THE MONAD OF PLOTINUS The word 'monad' comes from metaphysics and is etymologically redirected to 'unity'. It is the perfect unit and also the smallest or minimal unit. The Greek philosopher Plotinus (204-270) uses this term to talk about point of view. Each monad would offer a unique perspective on a city; since there are an infinite number of viewpoints, there could be an infinite number of monads. It can infinitely multiply, there are infinitely many perspectives in one and the same city. INSPIRATIONAL SOURCES The project is inspired by minimal living spaces designed for extreme conditions, such as mountain huts, spaceships, submarines and bunkers. At the top of the mountain, in the hardest reachable places, people created cabins and refuge to spend the night. These temporary shelters offer minimal comfort to the hikers. It's a shared space where people gather to protect themselves from the out- side climate. The spacecraft is at the same time a compressed house and a work space. The design of facilities for human needs is determined by the constraints of the compact space, the presence or absence of gravity and a minimal equipment for daily life. Such minimal spaces provide a source of efficient ideas about creating compact spaces to survive. Thanks to new technology and advanced research, those capsules become more comfortable, liveable and accessible. Those compressed spaces are transitional spaces, so they are temporary. In some countries, however, bunkers are now used as permanent homes by refugees. It seems that our habits should evolve with the growth of the population and our cities. NETWORK OF VIEWPOINTS The Monade Capsule is an urban hut. This transparent capsule on a roof high above the city offers a temporary escape to the urban hub, while also allowing us to reconnect with our environment. The capsule nestles in the density of the city, but escapes it due to its high position. The shape embraces the buildings since it lies partly on the roof and the facade. Like a mountain retreat, it offers a quiet space to breathe with a new viewpoint. Spread over the city, the capsules can create a network of unique views - a new way to perceive and embrace our environment. The Monade Capsules are designed for office workers: they provide them with a place to isolate themselves,┬átake distance from the office and re-engage with the environment. PROTOTYPE IN FIBERGLASS The capsule is made of fiberglass. This material is used to build boats, car parts and swimming pools. It is a versatile material thanks to its low weight, inherent strength and weather resistance. The transparent resin used, in combination withthe fiberglass, allows daylight to come in and bring a relaxing atmospheric light into the capsule. The project has been done in cooperation with a Dutch swimming pool company to produce the parts. Based on a principle of modules, the capsule was made with four steel molds to create 21 pieces. This industrial process allows for infinite multiplication of a form. This allows the capsule to be produced in series, but variations in dimensions are also possible.┬áThe inspiration of industrial production for micro-architecture.