Lightening the interspaces
When all the facades are so well aligned on the street along the pavement, the Parisians heights are full of variations and surprises.This unseen typology of Paris is embodied by those different heights, creating specific shapes of courtyards. Haussmann planed those courtyards to bring air and light to the service rooms.
Lighting the interspaces is an analyze of those intersticial spaces. Those intersticial spaces reveal unused potential in a city as dense as Paris. Blind facades and empty corner, spaces of aspiration and projection when the sun is lighting them.
As Hausmann wanted to make the city breathe, this project contribute to the idea of making Parisian people breath. Shared plateforms are created in those interstitial spaces. So each moment of the day is lighting those specific spaces where different collective rituals happen. The aim is to adopt and adapt these voids with a suspended series of shared balconies and platforms. The new structural connections also stimulate social ties, drawing people outside for a breath of fresh air in the sun. The use of etched copper mesh keeps everything airy, creating an interesting interplay of light and shadow on the surroundings.
1 – Sky view from parisian courtyard                                                   2 –Void shapes of parisian courtyards 1/500 3 – Analysis 4 – Void as a volume with shared platforms 1/200 5 – Details of shared platforms in etch copper 1/20