In a world where screens and window shops push us humans to constantly project ourselves into a hypothetic future. In the context of a shopping mall this experience is increased, by the hig»h number of advertising elements accelerating the consumption. We are not consciously in the now and in the space surrounding us, but always looking towards the future. As a consequence we became blind for the beauty and the details in the space we move in. The landscape of the shopping mall is composed by many layers, of parts showing the outside, reflections of the inside and the outside, glass walls, lightenings and advertisement. Creating together a complexity of perspectives. Inspired by the advertising screens typology , Heterotopia project uses the space in situ to create analog screens .Those screens are composed of an architecture element print and a translucent filter which distorts the image by the wind. The consumers rushing by would activate this phenomena. Intrigued by the moving and distorting image, the customers would slow down to observe and to become conscious about the here and the now, instead of projecting themselves into a unreal image.
In collaboration with Géraldine Spilker Hoog de Catharijn, Utrecht shopping mall
size : 2.5x1.8 m to 1.5x0.8 m material : peach wood, Saatilène Hitex fabric, prints on rhodoïd