Sport field
The grid is a reference to grasp and seize reality and avoid madness. “Grids provide coherence to complexity” Gordon Brander   THE TRACE OF THE GAME What are the rules on a sport field and how do we experience the underlying speed and movement within?   The day turns around the tennis court but the grid remains. The lines are set and the rules are given. Then comes the discovery of experiencing the space. The layering becomes apparent within the different areas of the playground, based on the quality of speed. Yellow to interact, burgundy to act, pastel green to recover, deep blue green to swim, sky blue to overview, a gradient of blue to cross and bridge. They are overlapping as our body experiments and remembers the path within the playground defined by its sequence. The experience of the journey through the field makes the pattern more complex because of all the paths taken, the variations of height and the different discoveries through the movement. Like a tennis clay court after a game, the inside pattern is a trace of the journey on the sport field at the end of the day, used, played, crossed, trampled. The memory of the ground showing its depths and heights.